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Unfortunate news to share

Due to unfortunate circumstances that quickly extended beyond our control, it has become necessary to suspend all events at Members Only Club on 47th Street effective immediately. While we certainly s

New website is live!

Hope you are enjoying the new website and ticketing experience. Check back often for planned updates, including a lively member forum, an advice column, and a buddy matching service for first-time att


Unknown member
Aug 01, 2023

What's the new website?? Did malebox stop issuing fitness passes for now or not ?? I don't know if I either didnt make the cut or if passes stopped being issued altogether, I assume that can be the case as well. Can you recommend a similar private sex club venue ? I'm new to all of this.


When's the next survey going to be posted? Just discovered you all via my Instagram feed and very curious to check it out... And who doesn't love a discount after all these days 😋 --either way kudos guys, the city needs people and places like you and this 👍🏾😏


Really like the club, but can you have a Wednesday or Thursday night. The four parties in a row on a weekend are a little crowded.

Replying to

what a great problem to have.....Cannot wait to be part of the crowd

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